User has not passed the waiting list

(Martina) #1

Hi there!
First I would like to introduce myself, I’m Martina and I’m new on the monzo community.
So basically, after waited couple of days for the “people in front of me” list, the application said: there was a problem, user does not have a prepaid card and has not passed the waiting list. I’ve tried to find solutions on google and also on the app but the app doesn’t let me do anything and on google I haven’t find solutions. I’ve got a lot of friend who have monzo and they didn’t have any problem. Is there something I can do? I do have also a golden ticket but still got the same problem.


Hello :wave:

Can you please contact us using or DM me your email and I’ll have a look :+1:


you might want to remove your email from that post now :slight_smile: I’ll take a look

(Martina) #5

Yes, thanks. I don’t understand but it doesn’t let me text u privately :slight_smile:

(Peter Roberts) #6

New users cannot DM others but you should be able to DM them :smiley: