Not receiving Monzo card

(Robert) #1

I signed up for Monzo a while ago and was put in the waiting list. It now says that I am first in the waiting list, however, I have still not received a card. I used a golden ticket from a friend even after being shown that I was first on the waiting list, but this didn’t do anything.

When I open the app it says that there is an error because I didn’t have a prepaid card.

Please let me know how to get rid of this. All help much appreciated.


@HughWells or @RichardR should be able to help when they are online :+1:

You could also send an email to


@ilyon ? Can you help?

(Ian Lyon) #4

@BethS Can do!

@rvanbiljon I’ve sent you a DM :+1:

(Hugh Wells) #5

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner! :see_no_evil: I’ve been running a hackathon all weekend :sweat_smile: