“There was a problem. User does not have a prepaid card...”

(Roman Soltys) #1

“There was a problem. User does not have a prepaid card and has not passed the waiting list”

I’ve been getting this error since I reached “0 people ahead of you” back in late 2017. I have waited for months, uninstalled the app, tried contacting Monzo but to no avail.

Can someone in the community help?
What exactly does this message mean?

(Jack) #2

@simonb can you help?

Many thanks

(Herp Derp) #3

contact support help@monzo.com they will be able to fix this

(Roman Soltys) #4

Thank you, have contacted the support

(Simon B) #5

Usually this happens when a country other than UK is initially selected. We can change this via support :blush:

(Herp Derp) #6

Any chance you can change that red error screen to show in big letters contact help@monzo.com as this has come up a few times now?

(Jack) #7

agree with this !!