USA Resident can't get Monzo account?

It seems you cant open an account if you live in the United States ? Not even for frequent travelers ?

Correct. It is for UK residents only at this time.


If you’re a frequent traveler and could get an address in the UK you could try it, I mean the worst that could happen is they don’t open you an account.

It might be pretty useless though as there’s no easy way to get money into the account from abroad (no SWIFT nor ACH so you’d need to use Transferwise and pay their fees).

Then app should not be available in us store (apple)

Remember that not everyone uses the App Store from the country they live in, so yes, it should be available. I have this issue getting apps from banks I have in the US…


That will cause more problems than anything else. Personally I spent one year working in the UK before I gave in and changed my iTunes region - if Monzo existed at that time I wouldn’t have been able to open an account (despite being the perfect new customer) especially since you need a card in the desired region in order to change it but wouldn’t be able to get your :monzo: card until you do so.

Relevant discussion on the Starling forums.

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