US + UK bank account

Hi Everyone,

I am a US citizen living in the UK. I have a UK Monzo, how do I get a US one? I’m so sick of Bank of America that I want to use Monzo exclusively; however, struggling to see how to get the US account.

Do I have to change the settings on my phone to the US, download the US app, and sign up that way?


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I don’t think you can have both UK and US accounts at present, but I may be wrong

You can as long as you have an SSN from the U.S, you can join the waitlist and message them, they’ll bump you up the list if you explain you have dual citizenship

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I have both UK and US accounts…as @andrew_fishy said, apply, but with a different email (!) to your UK account and US Phone #, then message then in app. You will need a US mailing address for them to send you the card in the US. Once enabled, you have both of them visible in the app.

Just an FYI…many company’s are global but will completely mess up if you use the same email…have learned the hard way. E.g. Exprian, Transunion, etc. are all global company’s but you may have had accounts with them in the US already. Before you try to sign up with any of them for your UK history, etc. use a UK specific email.

Good luck!