Can a US citizen get a Monzo account?

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The other day I had a very nice American man come into the Tesco that I work at to do his shopping. When he went to pay I noticed that he was still using his American bank card.

I don’t believe he has UK citizenship yet and I don’t think he can open an account with a “high street bank”, I mentioned Monzo to him which he had heard of and would look into.

Would he be able to open a Monzo account with his US passport and have his tax residency as the UK + US?
If he is able to open an account, would he need to use a service like TransferWise to move his money from the US bank account to Monzo?

My brother’s American girlfriend was able to open a Monzo account using the same process we all did :blush:


Yep! You need valid ID and a UK address :slight_smile:


Does he need to use TransferWise to move his money? :grin:

Yeah at the moment they would

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Yes he definitely can, I’m French and I opened a Monzo account without any issues as long as he has a valid address and a photo ID.

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Does the title of this post need to read ‘Can a US resident get a Monzo account?’?


Sorry, it’s been a long week :joy:

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As a point of fact, he should be able to open accounts with most other banks, too. But obviously Monzo is the one to go with :wink: and will be much easier to actually open the account.

Yes as already confined he does. As do I to my US account.

Apologies I misread and assumed you were referring to my brother! :slight_smile:

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