What have we been up to this week in the US?

This week has been pretty hectic, but in a good way! It’s the first full week we’ve had cards out in the wild (and customers behind those cards), at the same time we ran another launch event multiple times the size of the first. Let’s see what the crack is:

:rocket:We hosted another launch event - this time in San Francisco

This Wednesday we hosted our second event, with our first being in Los Angeles last week. We had 210 attendees making this nearly three times as big as our first event. We had to split the evening into two shorter events, rather than one to accommodate everyone. People were literally queuing around the block!

We don’t currently have a date or location for the next event but watch out on our Twitter, or the community where we’ll be announcing it.

:mag_right:We spoke to customers to understand their relationship with money and watched them go through our sign up flow

User research and taking onboard customer feedback is at the core of what we do. It’s one of the key reasons we’re releasing the product early in its current form, so we can quickly iterate this into a US-specific product which makes money work for you. While in the US our team met with a number of customers to talk about their relationship with money and the issues they’re facing which we can help solve. We also spent time watching users go through the sign-up flow during the event to see where people got stuck, confused, or delighted. We’re feeding this back into the product to make sure when we release this so you can sign up at home, and you don’t have one of the team peaking over your shoulder, it’s as smooth as possible :raised_hands:

:electric_plug:We investigated some bugs, and feature requests we’ve been seeing from your feedback

We’re constantly keeping an eye on this forum, customer support and twitter for any feedback or bugs you tell us about. @Jami, our product manager, has posted a “Known issues and bugs” thread which we’ll keep up to date while we’re finding new things and fixing old ones. Thanks for all your feedback so far, keep it coming!

:deciduous_tree:We made a plan to carbon offset all our flights to and from the US

This is our first new country we’re going into, and it’s pretty far away from our homebase in London. This means we have to spend quite a lot of time flying back and forth until we’ve built a full team in the US. This isn’t great for our carbon footprint. As such we’ve decided to donate a certain amount for each flight to charities which are mitigating the effects of climate change. @WillJ will write a more detailed post on this at the beginning of September showing why and exactly how we’re doing this.

:speaking_head:We spoke to you on customer support

With new customers, comes the need to support those customers. We’re a pretty small team at monzo (fewer than 25) and we’re building a number of processes from the ground up. If you’ve been in touch through the app you’ll have spoken to one of us. At this early stage in the product we think it’s important for as many people in the team as possible to speak to customers directly. It helps keep everyone grounded to what customers are experiencing, how they’re finding the product and how we can improve. I’ll be starting next week, so make sure to say hello :wink:

Have a great weekend! :beers: