Issue with the pin code of my card

Hi all,

I have an ongoing issue with my Monzo card. When I ordered my first Monzo card, I set the pin code, but I forgot it as soon as I got the card. I reset the pin code in the app, but I’m not sure what happened after when I tried to use it. The time passed and I needed to travel to Oslo (it was on the week of November 8th), a place that might require inserting my card and tapping the pin code. I reached via phone and via the chat in the app to the tech team in order to find a solution. At first, the representative said that for sure I will not need a new card and they will just fix my current one. Of course that I indeed needed to get a new card, and they say it to me at the end of the day before my traveling to Oslo. I was very frustrated, and the representative said they will send the card to the place I will stay in at Oslo. I gave them the address, they said it would take 2 days to the card to arrive (I planned to be 5 days there, so I thought it would be enough). Unfortunately, the card didn’t arrive while I was in Oslo. I order a new card, and this time it arrived, but with no new pin code as it should have. I talked to the representative through to app, and she said that she will order a new card for me (the 4th card so far) and will make sure this time I will get one with a new pin code. Yesterday I got the new card, but it didn’t arrive with any new pin code, so I tried to do ‘recovery my pin’ and it gave me the old problematic pin. I have to say I’m very disappointed and don’t know what to think about Monzo, as I have so many unused Monzo cards that sent wrongly to me. I just want a new card, with a new pin code, so I would be able to fully use the card.

I hope that maybe through here I would be able to reach to someone that can help me, I don’t want to get so many cards and keep wait and wait without any solution.


Hi @AGer. Unfortunately there is very little that we can do on here as we are not Monzo staff. Your options are to speak to specialists via in-app chat which you have done or to email
You could try to call them on +442037820620. The PIN showing in the app should be the one that is current with your latest card.

A short term solution might be to use Google Pay or Apple Pay depending on your handset. You can now link your card to these and spend straight away.

Have a great time in Oslo!

Hi:) Thanks for replying. I saw that sometimes they do answering here. I sent many messages to the support team in the app. but I got no reply. I already traveled to Oslo, now I’m in London, waiting for an reply from them or at least some solution.


I’m not quite sure I understand what is problematic about the original PIN, or if just doing “Recover your PIN” initially would have helped.
Anyway, in the UK if you’re back now, you can use the problematic (?) PIN at any ATM and change the PIN to your liking yourself? Does this not work?

The PIN the app is showing is the valid one that you can use now isn’t it?


The pin that showed in the app after I’m doing a pin recovery is the wrong pin, that everytime I try to use it for transfer or after insert my card during payment process - it said I tapped the wrong pin.

I tried so many times to recover my pin, even through ATM machine, but I kept get the old and problematic pin. the weird thing is that everytime I got the note that the pin I tapped is wrong, I did an recovery and I got the same code I already tap, by that I mean I tapped all the time the right one, so I really don’t know why it said it’s the wrong pin.

How very confusing.

I know. And all the representative I talked to just sent me a new card, but they all the time forget to add a new pin for it! So now I have collection of unuseful Monzo cards.

Then it sounds like a disconnect between what your card thinks the PIN is and what Monzo thinks it is. It’s very unlikely you’ll get a fix here in that case, unfortunately you’ll have to continue nagging them in the in-app chat or phone or email, to get yet another card, unless they can send an update to it which gets applied pre-correct-PIN at an ATM (not sure that’s a thing).

Why new cards have the wrong PIN, when you’d assume the PIN they send “to the printers” would match the one in their database, is a deep mystery indeed.

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I feel like it will never solve… for so long I’m trying to understand this. I will maybe send them a mail. The thing is that they don’t have combination between all of the contact ways, so you find yourself explaining yourself like 3 times in every contact way… so annoying

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If you set the pin via the app then the pin on the card and the pin on the app will be out of sync until the card is used for a transaction via an online terminal and Monzo can instruct the card of the new pin. Sounds like something in this process is going wrong

Hi, I didn’t set the pin via the app, I only recovered it via the app. You set the pin outside the app in the registration process. I believe also that in that point, at the registration, something went wrong. But I hope they will answer soon. It takes so long now days for them to reply!

Can you lock-out the card PIN (at a card terminal when doing a contacted transaction) and then try the PIN recovery procedure (which involves going to an ATM if I remember right)?

I will try that! This I haven’t try so far. But can I lock my pin there? I thought in the ATM you can only unlock

By lock I mean try 3 incorrect PINs while trying to make a payment. Actually don’t lock it at an ATM as it will just keep the card. You’ll need to do it at a terminal that doesn’t physically keep ahold of the card so no risk of it eating the card at the end.