URGENT Password reset email not arriving


On Saturday morning the app failed to allow me to login.
I have sent numerous request for help.
The reset password link does arrive.
I’ve checked junk spam etc etc. I’ve also checked with safe sender.
Your support phone line just says cannot take your call.
I cannot get in the app at all since Saturday
It’s not acceptable . I was thinking of going back to normal bank as the support here us shocking
I have no other way of getting getting in to my account

(Edited to remove personal details)

I’ve checked and this works

Add monzo to safe email list and try again.

I would use another email service than Hotmail when you get your account back.

Also there is no password reset, just the magic link.

You might want to remove your email address - we don’t work for Monzo so cant send you an email to get you back into your app.

You’ll need to keep calling the number on your card or email help@monzo.com


I’m a bit confused at how the app could “fail to allow you to login”. Had you logged out of the app yourself, or did you open the app to find you had been logged out?

There’s no such thing as a password for accessing your Monzo account. Monzo use magic links instead.

Are you able to log in to https://web.monzo.com if you try?

ETA: Monzo help article on not receiving email is https://monzo.com/faq/no-email/, confirms that you need to email them as @krr13 says


This could be part of the problem. Monzo accounts don’t have passwords. What are you expecting to receive in your email - the Magic Link in order to login?

I don’t think the OP is reading any of these replies :neutral_face: They’re back and hopefully will get their magic link in the end now.

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Bit of a trend in that recently. People come up to complain, raise an issue. A flood of replies and not a single response to any of the replies from the OP. Makes you wonder :thinking:

Although I’m not saying the Op fals into that category merely pointing out a trend.

Or they could be at work and not been able to check the thread yet

You’re very trusting aren’t you :wink:

They may also have fallen into a ball pit and be fighting to get to the surface :joy::joy::joy:

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So is the original poster – posting their email address onto a public internet page and asking for links to be sent to it.

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I would say foolish but the flag brigade is out in force today :rofl:

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Yep good point So how am I gonna into u need the email link

If it was 12 hours later I wouldn’t be so trusting

Hi Chris

Yes I’ve done that mate. Still nothing.

Phone number dont work. Unable to access anything since Saturday

I have a phone w number I’ve asked them to call

Cheers mate



Yes the magic link. It’s not coming through.

I’ve added monzo domain name as a safe

kind regards


If you’ve now done this, delete all the old emails and give it a go again :slight_smile:


I’m trying to reply to everything the community.

If someone from monzo bank can get this sorted .

otherwise I’ll have to close my account. I only moved everything over recently. I cant even a chat session because I need to be in the app


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we are all mostly just customers on this forum trying to help with problems , that have had successful solutions provided by the forum , most have been on the forum and customers with Monzo for a long period , myself getting on for 4 years with few problems with the account , hope you get sorted out soon

Yes I was enjoying the monzo app

But for simple for a simple issue. I’ve emailed the help@monzo.com 12 times since Saturday. I had nothing back.

The process doesn’t work and not flgir bo access to my finances

Cheers for help. I’m going to close account. I need