Cant log in Help!

Hi, what a absolute nightmare never experienced anything like this. The app logged me out and when i tried to log back in, I wasn’t receiving the email so after 3 failed phone calls with no answer and multiple emails they have now changed my email to a new email address which says i don’t have a account with monzo and my original email has been taken off the system, and now nobody is emailing me back.
and after 4 days cant log in to my account. think its time to go back to a real bank! anybody with any ideas that help me would be really helpful

Can you log into

No because they have changed my email the original email they have took of the system and the new email i gave them it says doesn’t register it

All you can do is email/call if you can’t log in. Nobody here can help you sadly.

Okay cheers anyway, tried calling they don’t answer and I get a different person emailing me back everytime

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