Updating email address- locked out of app

Hi guys! Trying this forum as i’ve been waiting a day and a half to get a reply via email and the phone line! I am locked out of my monzo account and am unable to access to original email to get the log in link. I have emailed regarding changing the email with the photo with ID and all the required info and haven’t heard anything. Wondering how long this will take as it’s so frustrating not being able to access my accounts or money!! If anyone has any idea how long i would love an answer as it’s been since yesterday morning and i’m starting to stress out lol

As it was a weekend there may have been delays getting back to you. It may be worth ringing the number on the back of the card

i’ve been on hold so many times and it hangs up after 5 minutes :sweat_smile:
Hopefully they will get back after the weekend!!

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