No emails to log into account

Hello, I’ve not been able to log into my account for nearly 3 days now. I have requested the email numerous times with no joy. I have also sent 3 emails to the help email and also the emergency app with no reply’s. I’ve called the customer line twice, the first time the lady fixed a bug and said it would work which it didn’t. When I tried to call back no one picked up. I called this morning and after numerous time of refreshing my junk and spam the customer advisor said the issue would be escalated to the tech team who would investigate and call me back in 2 hours this was 6 hours ago. I have delegate the app and reinstalled deleted my emails and re installed, I don’t know what else to do. This is my only bank account so need to be able to use it

Is it an outlook email address?

Sorry to hear of your troubles.

While you are waiting for Monzo to reply, it would be a sensible idea to open another bank account to use in situations like this in case it happens again.

Emailed from monzo are normal right away. When I first set up it took mins but as offer as have said maybe have a 2nd back on stand by just in case I know offer has 2 banks as you never know .

Have you checked in your spam folder? Sometimes my spam filter thinks the “Monzo mail” account is a bit dodge so gets over zealous.

Obvious q I know but it solved it for me before

Who provides your email service?

I ask because I have my own email server and I had an issue last year where whatever I tried emails to my account just weren’t getting through anymore from Monzo when they previously worked just fine. In the end I had support move my account to a different address.

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