Chat's currently closed

Just had occasion to try and message Monzo support, and while I understood that non-urgent support is no longer 24/7, I thought I might at least be able to send a message now and pick up a response later tomorrow/today.

Except there’s no warning, there’s no nudge, just a message saying that the chat is closed and I should come back later.

Granted, in my case I can do this. But I’m suprised at having no option at all to send a message. Clearly I’m mistaken, but when chat hours were first reduced I thought there was still an allowance made for urgent support. Was I mistaken, or have things changed since?

My immediate thought was “What if I was reporting fraud/suspicious activity?” A delay in doing so would be a concern. I did susequently figure out that going through the ‘something wrong’ flow would probably account for this, but it’s not obvious. It took me a good several minutes to realise this when I’m not stressed with an urgent issue, I fear people who are under stress and go looking straight for chat may not get there so fast.

At the very least, I think the message should be improved to add “If you are concerned about a transaction, please use the ‘Something wrong?’ option from the transaction detail screen to report it and we will get back to you”, or something similar.

The proofreader in me is also twitching at the contractions in the message. “Chat’s currently closed” is at least acceptable, if inelegant. But “Our customer support team’s available from 7am…” is like nails on a blackboard and absolutely should have the contraction replaced with “team is”.

(I wasn’t sure where to put this, but ultimately decided on Monzo Chat over feedback because I’m discussing my experience as a whole and not just mentioning one votable thing.)

tl;dr, in writing, one should try and be more like Data.


Looks like yet another A/B test. This was taken right now (3:55am) and I still have the button, and the button still opens chat.

That sounds bad.

I’ve not had the chat button since the first reports of it disappearing, but I can still search for and access chat. I’ve just tried and the opening chat says:

“Welcome to Monzo Chat! Let us know how we can help, giving as much detail as you can.”

So in addition to the A/B ‘chat button availability’ are they also limiting access to chat at all for a selection of users?


This is ludicrous. Last year they were advertising 24/7 customer support on TV. Now it’s a flip of a coin if you’re able to contact them at all.


I also haven’t had the button since they took it away, do you recon their gonna offer quicker support for premium customers maybe? Like Revolut and the like do :thinking:

Wow, I’ve been away, but it certainly looks like Monzo is trying to shoot itself in the foot.


This is awful. Really awful.


I tested this the other week and got a message saying it’s closed and it gave times I can’t ask for support from just pressing the chat with us button. I get they want urgent messages only but they could still have a question sat waiting on a support agent in the morning.

Anything urgent normally you’d go through the transaction process and use the something’s wrong to differentiate the requests

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But that only works if A) it’s transaction related B) you know where that button is, which as you can see on here, people don’t.


True, luckily I know where to find it but you’ve got a point from what we see on here. I’m certainly not a massive fan of a bank inserting steps at putting off its customers contacting them.

If I wake up and want to contact them then that option should be allowed, I shouldn’t be seeing a come back at 7am message or whatever the timings are.

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A few weeks ago I reported a fraudulent transaction on my debit card, late evening. Was able to leave a message in chat but got no response until the next morning. Obviously I froze my card as well but have to say I was not impressed.


Yes, I posted about the same poor experience as @HoldenCarver in the thread below a while back.

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It’s shocking, I love my monzo account and promoted it to the max this time last year, while I am happy to stay with them as my main bank I just can’t bring myself to recommend them to my friends and family anymore.

Monzo can fix this, I’m just not convinced they will.


From anecdotal evidence reported here over a number of months, it appears that Monzo’s customer support is very broken.

For a business to remove the chat button and then prevent even sending a message suggests that their support function has not scaled in line with the business and they’re not able to effectively service support requests.

Not good.


I had no idea they had gotten rid of the chat button, but now I realise it’s not there for me. I’m gobsmacked. Absolute last straw. Already started a CASS to Starling.

Don’t tell me - Monzo needs to reduce its costs so doesn’t want to make it too easy for me to speak to them. They are lossmaking etc, we pesky customers keep doing things that they can’t afford for us to do. Well - so sorry I have been such a massive and costly inconvenience to you by being your customer @monzo, let me rectify that for you straight away.



Chat is still there you just have to go into help and type contact instead

You could always tell yourself though

The point is, they have hidden it from me. And I don’t like that. Call it an overreaction if you want but it’s my reaction nonetheless.


Ok you said I could… Over reaction :joy:


I left Starling immediately when they closed their forum, so I will never judge you harshly for that though. Go with your gut