[Android/iOS] Urgent chat option missing from JA

The urgent option seems to have disappeared from the app (on Android at least).

The urgent option is there for on Android but it comes up only when you click the big orange button Chat with a real human
It doesn’t show if we go into chat history and start a new conversation from there.




Maybe A/B testing? They often make some small changes to gauge feedback

Hmm, no I’ve figured it out. It’s there for the personal account, but not for the joint account…

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Same here the urgent option disappears when you switch to JA but is there for sole on iOS.

Also separated this out in to a bug report for @HughWells etc to investigate :smiley:

I’m not aware of any experiments on this (but that wouldn’t be a first :wink: )

I’ll do some digging :+1:


It’s still missing (I’m trying to unfreeze my account).

@HughWells - Any chance you could circumnavigate the process and unfreeze my card?

Current waiting time is 2 hours in the chat!


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Have you started a chat?

The update on this is that yes, it is a bug. Will be fixed soon :slight_smile:

I have indeed!

Do I need to do anything?

Nope :slight_smile:

I thought I’d brighten up your day with a GIF.



Did you find anything out about this @HughWells?

It is a bug :wink: It should have been fixed?

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I’m afraid it hasn’t :pensive:

Fraid not @HughWells. Not showing on JA for latest prod release :persevere:


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