Upgrading to Plus - what is the process?

Please can someone explain the process of upgrading to Monzo Plus? Once I decide to do so, what happens with my current card? Would I need to update my card details on Google Pay, PayPal etc.? Do the extra features automatically activate within the app?

If there is a resource that details all of this, please could you direct me to it?

Thank you in advance

No changes to your current debit card, unless you replace it with a new Blue card

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You can keep the same card if you wish, if you order and activate the Monzo Plus card, your google/Apple Pay card will update automatically, but anywhere else that has your card details stored will need to be updated manually.

The features in the app will update automatically too.

Edit: removed the link as some bits may be outdated.

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You can keep the same card if you want. If you change your mind or your card expires while on Plus, you’ll get a blue card.

When I upgraded recently, my new card was issued and my Apple Pay card was updated automatically.

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Thanks all, I appreciate the info. Is there any benefit to change my card to the new one or is it just a new colour? I would not be missing out on anything if I were to keep my existing card, right?

Solely colour, if you activate the new card you’re subject to 3 month minimum term I believe (though I could be wrong), I work financial difficulties not Paid :upside_down_face:

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I think (from memory) that you can cancel, but there’s a charge for the card if you cancel in the first three months.


That’s right. It’s the same functionality, just looks different.

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That’s great, thanks for the help :smiley:

I wasn’t far. So much to learn :sweat_smile:

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