Monzo Plus without blue card?

Hi, I’ve had a search for Monzo Plus topics and no doubt this has been answered before - but many of the topics are huge and I can’t easily find an answer.

I’m thinking of giving Plus a go just for the ability to see 2 of my 3 credit cards in the app (the two I use - the other is almost never used).

But I’ve no wish to change my Monzo debit card and have to update payment details in various places. Is there a stage in the upgrade process where you can say you don’t want the blue card?

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Thanks. I’ll give it a go. M&S credit card app is awful and requires a PIN to log in. Amex is OK but does mean switching apps. I’ll have a look see whether Plus makes things any easier and whether that’s worth a fiver to me.

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I kinda wish I’d kept my coral card to start with, but now I’m using a joint card and Plus, I’m glad they are much different!

Opposite sides of the wallet here :slight_smile:

Does the 3 month minimum term still apply if you don’t go for a new card?

You can cancel in the first 14 days, otherwise yes.

Any idea what the rationale behind the 3 month minimum is when a new card isn’t taken?

It seems unnecessary to me.

Last time I used Plus I didn’t order a blue card. You can always order one later if you want.