Phone broke last week. New phone arrived today but cannot access Monzo due to email used to register being locked with no way of recovery

I used a family members monzo to contract support but nothing happened

email and they’ll be able to sort it

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@Rat_au_van spot on as ever! Just wanted to add - In the interest of getting this sorted asap for you, as emails are a little back logged, if you make sure you include a selfie of you holding up your ID and your phone number/old email so we can find your account that would be great :ok_hand:

If you need to access your app urgently, worth giving a call to let us know you’ve sent an email so we can pick it up a little faster :pray:


Posted here? or PM if there is a way to pm here

Sorry for the confusion, if you include them in the email you send to :blush:

Just means we have everything we need and get to avoid the back and forth!

i see thank you a lot doing that now. Do you perhaps know how long will it take since i really need to get track of my account asap

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So emails are SUPER back logged, so it could well be a few days if you just wait it out naturally. I’d recommend giving a call to the number on the back of your card, letting us know the email address you’re getting in touch from when you call us and then we’ll be able to keep an eye out for you :eyes: