Update speed

I noticed a few days ago that the app was updating like in 1 sec, which was great, but i see its back to the slow 5/10sec update time, what changed lol ?

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Cheers mate, it was going really fast the past few days but it back to normal now, still on the same network so it cant be that in fact it was going fast even on cellular lol

I noticed the same, It went really quick for a while and now its super slow

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:eyes:are you on Android or iOS?

I noticed it on iOS

IOS mate

+1 here as well, the feed is slow at loading for me now (and completing the “updating” state) on iOS (Live version not testflight)

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We think we’ve found the issue for the slow feed loading :grimacing: , a fix should be available in the next release.


@alessiopiergiacomi Great news, look forward to it :slight_smile:

Good stuff, thanks for the update

Was it more hamsters on the wheel that was needed? Run little hamsters, faster, FASTER!!

Can’t wait to see the improvement. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m on version 3.9.0 and the app seems much snappier all of a sudden :man_shrugging:

I updated to 3.9.0 on iOS.

I can now scroll all the way back to my very first feed item (on 22nd Jan).

And the ‘today’ transactions, certainly seem to be there a lot quicker too. Progress.