The need for speed on your feed (Android)

Happy Monday Monzonauts and Monzo lovers (and to the Chase research team and their photocopiers)! :wave:

We need to talk about the speed of the feed on Android.

It’s now usual for transactions to take seconds to appear: I made a payment just now and it took a whole 7 seconds for the feed to update.

The same happens when you transfer between pots or make card purchases. When you spend with your card you get a timely notification but the feed hasn’t been updated and confusion ensues.

Is this a known issue? Can it be fixed? It seems similar whether I’m using the old feed or the new (un)combined one.


I can’t tell if this is satire or not.

  • This is definitely serious! 7 seconds!
  • What is going on

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It’s a real need expressed in a slightly humorous way.

Am I unreasonable to ask for a performant feed?

  • Yes, you’re being unreasonable
  • No, that’s too long

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This is the bit I don’t get. What’s the evidence that Chase are copying stuff? I’d argue zero, otherwise the Chase app would also be an ungodly mess of buttons strewn about instead of the sleek, clean, easy to navigate app it is.


I dont think it’s all that bad tbh. But - are we talking 7 seconds from the transaction to appearing after you’ve got the phone out, open the app and look for it? I’d expect that.

But assuming you’ve got the app open, make the payment and stare back at the phone waiting for it to update then that’s perhaps a little slow


It should be increased to 10 seconds as I like round numbers.


Mine takes about a .7 of second…

Do we need a poll to find out if its Peter_G specific?


It must be. I’m sure things would work faster for Peter_N or Peter_AX.


I feel suitability humbled.

I’m going to spend the rest of the day listening to this as penance:

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Mine are always fairly quick to show up and debit.

The new Overview however, that took some time for transactions to show.

I’ve recently ‘moved’ money between our Joint account and my Personal account on several occasions.

Joint account shows debit immediately.
Personal account shows credit in anywhere between 5-20 seconds.

Something is off here.

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I’ve said this before, but the Chase adverts seem (to me at least) a carbon copy of Monzo’s. From the tone down to the exact scenes that they use.

I think the first iteration of the Chase app (which they’ve since changed) with the card up top was also reminiscent of the Monzo design.

I’m not suggesting a wholesale copy of the whole product but lots of it seems too close to be coincidental.

Before I get shouted at, yes there are differences. But I think if the relative financial standings of JPM and Monzo were reversed then Chase would have had several very stern letters arriving from lawyers.

Firstly I have no idea how the monzo app is structure much but…

It may be because your triggering the action to move money and the app knows to update the feed then and there where as the personal account has the delay because the app needs to poll or receive a message from the servers to trigger the update.

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