Speed of the app

(Nick) #1

I’m using the iOS upgraded CA app (the blue one) and have noticed there is now a lag in some data and information being shown.

Over time the feed of transactions will be huge. Will this impact the performance and speed of the app? Will there be a way of archiving data and just showing so many weeks or months or years?

(Peter Roberts) #2

Do you mean a delay when first loading the feed? If so, I think I might have observed that on Android

(Nick) #3

Bit of both. Slow opening of the feed, then if I click on a transaction there is a noticeable pause before it opens and displays the information.

(Tom ) #4

Yep. I’ve definitely noticed a significant increase in lag within the app :tired_face: I’m on iPhone 6S, iOS 11.1. I don’t know whether it started before or after upgrading iOS (not helpful). I’m generally finding iOS 11 rather pants on my phone.

(Nick) #5

Since the merge the app with increased data is slower.

(Eve) #6

I’m on iPhone 6s like you. Since moving to iOS 11 my keyboard keeps crashing, everything is a bit slower, apps take longer to open, and it’s generally annoying. That extra second isn’t time you can use elsewhere, but still frustrating. Tactics to get you to buy the latest phone, lol

(Bob) #7

iPhone 6 plus on iOS 11 here… apps generally taking longer to open and Slack often crashes when opening.

(Tom ) #8

Dare I utter the words designed obsolescence?

(Eve) #9

That’s the keyword I was getting at but couldn’t remember. I swear they deliberately hold back the quality of the camera so each new phone is a lot better than the last. Having major envy about the iPhone 8 plus portrait mode function. Plus it’s so much faster :sob: my friend opens Monzo pretty much instantly


You can tell the speed issue on the iPhone 6 on iOS 11 by just using Siri. Siri loads slow/hangs compared to my old iPhone 4S on iOS 9 which is zippy and has no issues (I am currently using the 2 phones whilst I transfer my number).

(Vojtech Vrbka) #11

Scrolling through the list of transactions is really laggy for me. I would say I am getting to a point when it’s unusable.
Also clicking on the transaction and going to a transaction detail is really slow. It’s definitely caused by the number of my transactions.

I am using Monzo as my main card since the first alpha in December 2015, I top up over £32k already, so you can imagine I have a lot of transactions. I think it’s only a matter of time when other people will have the same issue as me.

(Tom ) #12

Could you give the team a little more detail here?

  • What device do you use?
  • What OS are you on?
  • Are you in the latest version of the app?

(Vojtech Vrbka) #13

iPhone 6S, latest app and latest iOS11

It was slow even on iOS10, it just got much worse.

(Nick) #14

Latest app. Latest iOS. iPhone 6s.

The delay happened once accounts were merged.
Lots of online banks limit the amount of transactions. Eventually there will be thousands to scroll through so I think a way of expanding and collapsing transactions into months or years will be necessary.


The app is super snappy on Android :joy:

But in fairness, I am using a Pixel 2.

(Peter Roberts) #16

Same though on a oneplus 5. The initial load of the feed has taken a while before though

(Andy Eaton) #17

Just so you know if trying to problem solve I am using Samsung S8, latest software update (last week) no issues at all, quick to open app and use UI. I have several months of transactions and can scroll at normal speed.

(Herp Derp) #18

1.5 secs iPhone 8

10 secs iPhone 6

Both opening from fresh after killing app although once open iPhone 6 app opened in under a second

(Brandon Billingham) #19

A cold start on an iPhone 6 is painful now :frowning:


OK, just sounds like an iPhone 6 issue then. Anyone using Monzo on an iPhone 7?