Update predicted direct debit amount after actual amount is known

I’ve noticed that I get a notification a couple of days before a direct debit is due to be paid with the correct amount, but the predicted amount shown in a bills pot or the scheduled payments view can be way off.

For example last months credit card bill was over a £1000, but this months is less than £300. On the current account feed it shows the correct amount (less than £300) to be debited in a few days, but if I then look at the bills pot where it will be paid from, it shows more than a £1000 left to be paid for this month.

They aren’t really linked.

The summary shows you £1000 because that’s what you paid last month. The upcoming DD hasn’t happened yet, so it can’t predict it to be that figure.

But the payment on the main feed saying two days from now is for the correct credit card statement amount, so they must know the correct amount for the upcoming direct debit.


Predicted amount could be worked out using previous 3 months data (its average) :nerd_face:
But it’s just a prediction, not accurate figures :thinking:

This is one of those next level improvements that is needed for me to start using summary.

The datas clearly there, just need to link it