Total for Upcoming Direct Debits

Simple total figure for upcoming direct debits please !

That’ll actually be useful for budgeting and save the math of adding it all up yourself to work out if you have enough to cover it.

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If you pay your direct debits from a Pot then that’s shown on the Pot manage tab, isn’t it?

Yeah I’m forever having to manually add them up to make sure the balance is sufficient - Monzo could add a total figure so easily and it would save so much time

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No the pots tab only shows the predicted total based on last months figure.

The upcoming direct debits section is the actual amount to be taken in 3/2/1 days time

I asked this over a year ago and all they said was that they’ll put it on the list, probably at the bottom!!

I’m no coder but surely that would be so simple the information is already there it just needs a total. In this day and age I shouldn’t need a calculator :joy:

While it may seem simple to code doesn’t mean its a quick job. Lots of time and people will likely be involved.