Direct Debit not reflecting in ‘Left to Pay’

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I rely heavily on the ‘Left to Pay’ figure in my Bills pot to ensure that I have enough money in the pot to cover my outgoing direct debits and scheduled payments. This figure used to be spot on and I could move excess money out and spend it elsewhere if it was a flush predicted month.

I’ve noticed the last two Direct Debits I’ve set up in the past few months do not reflect in this “left to pay” figure anymore and as such it’s often wildly inaccurate and not accounting for these upcoming DDs. I’ve given it a few months to see if the app just needed to ‘learn’ the pattern of these DDs to be able to predict them, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Of note, all my other DDs and scheduled payments say “monthly on X date” underneath them - but the latest two just say “last paid X date”. It’s almost like the app doesn’t recognise them to be recurring and is therefore not expecting them to come out again.

Of note, the ‘left to pay’ figure in my screenshot is £0 because my monthly cycle is up tomorrow.

Apologise if that doesn’t make sense. Can anyone advise?


It makes total sense. Unfortunately. I’ve had a Direct Debit ‘stuck’ at the top of both the ‘Bills Pot → Upcoming’ list (also showing ‘Last Paid 30th May’) and also in the ‘Payments → Scheduled → Subscriptions and Direct Debits’ section for nearly 2 years now.

Definitely a ghost in the machine.

Aren’t they Standing Orders not Direct debits?

Sure someone else was having this issue not too long ago.

Mine separate from direct debits in my list too.

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In my case, the one that’s stuck at the top of my list(s) is definitely a D/D

Was set-up by submitting a D/D form, recognised & reported as a new D/D by Monzo back in 2021 and has all the same transaction details as any other (‘working’) D/D



Have you ever cancelled it in full and then reinstated it to see if it resolves?


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Oooh - no. Haven’t tried that. Feel a bit of a crim thinking about canceling a valid D/D though, and never tried it.

If you click on ‘Cancel Direct Debit’ in the DD details do you get a chance to reinstate there too?

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Definitely direct debits in my case, but appreciate you taking the time to reply!

Edit - the recurring ones are standing orders; perhaps that’s where the distinction is… although my other DDs don’t seem to have this problem.

You’d essentially cancel in the Monzo app and with the merchant. Then call them back up and say it was an accident can they reset it merchant end.

You’d likely need to leave it a few days from cancelling to resetting to process the cancel fully.

Is the merchant one you could pay by card or transfer for one month without too much hassle?


Thanks. I’d have to time it properly - the next one is due on the 30th, so I may try & cancel a few days after, leave it a week & then contact the merchant to reinstate.


Guess it depends how much it frustrates you :sweat_smile: but that would’ve been how I’d try resolve it personally.

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My Klarna direct debit does this - it is never included in my left to pay amount. I have four other DDs from the same pot that behave as expected.

I’m having the same issue with ‘left to pay’ not reflecting current direct debits.
Is there any sign of a Monzo fix for this?
Seems a bit rubbish to have to cancel a direct debit to get it to work right…

@phedro Did you manage to fix this?
If you locate a past payment for that direct debit, then click the Recurring payment toggle, it will create a subscription which adds it to your “left to pay” figure. Took me a while to work out!

Hey, no still not.
I think my problem might be a little different. My direct debits and scheduled payments do appear in the ‘left to pay’ list, but they’re not added to the total there.
Not a big thing, I just need to add them all up in my head each time, but it’s a bit frustrating

I have this issue, too, also thought Monzo might fix itself given enough months it would learn but appears they will not. I don’t see a recurring payment toggle anywhere? Assuming this is part of the new look.