Total of upcoming Direct Debits

Please can you create a total figure of upcoming direct debits. I often have 5/6 upcoming direct debits pop up in “3 days from now” but I have to manually add them up, to get a total and make sure the account is sufficiently funded.

A simple total figure would be really handy. Just next to the title is fine “3 days from now (£294.12)” for example.


Hi. Welcome.

If you create a pot and pay those bills from that pot, it will tell you the total remaining to be paid.

That way, you can put enough in at the start of the month and forget all about it. This is by far my favourite Monzo feature.


What I noticed about this was that if the value changes, its not reflected in the pot total. One of my regular dd’s was reduced this month and the total is still showing the usual amount

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Yeah that’s right it doesn’t update the amount remaining.

Just a total of the upcoming direct debits would be much simpler.

Currently I have to manually add these amounts up to make sure the account is sufficiently funded

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Monzo can’t know a DD has been changed until it is actually taken, so it’ll always predict based on the previous month.

Committed spending will show the total to go out for a month (both paid and remaining), which you can assign to categories to further break it down.

No that’s wrong. The figures shown in upcoming direct debits are the actual figures to be taken. This is due to direct debits being submitted 3 days before collection. That’s why when your upcoming direct debits start appearing, you get a notification saying the DD will be £X.00 less or more than last month.