DD amount update not showing in app

A week or so ago I received a notification from Monzo telling me (correctly) that a DD amount was going to be different than usual.

However, the expected DD amount has still not updated in the scheduled payments or in the upcoming payments screen in the pot from where it will be taken, and the DD is being collected tomorrow.

Has this happened to anyone else? Shouldn’t the correct amount have shown in the app as soon as Monzo notified me about it?

EDIT: The correct amount is showing in my transaction feed, to be taken tomorrow. But it shows as the old amount in the other two screens I mentioned.

I’ve had a few niggles like this with DD’s. One remains at the top of the (Bills pot) list despite being recently paid. This seems to be permanent as it has never moved from the top of the DD list since the first payment was taken in October last year.

A couple have shown incorrect/historic values - usually where the first payment amount is different to the next 9 (a 10-month council tax DD for example) or 11 (a 12-month insurance policy) - but these generally correct themselves after 2 or 3 cycles.


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This should update when it’s been collected to reflect the true value, but as noted above, could take a few cycles to know it’s to remain.

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There appears to be no intelligence used in the list of upcoming direct debits. It always uses the previous amount until the next one is actually paid.

I had an unusually large Barclaycard bill last month, so this month my Bills pot is constantly moaning that there isn’t enough in it to cover my expected DDs. Just a simple way to edit the predictions would be better than nothing.


Ah but for continuously variable DDs that logic doesn’t do any good.

The app seems to know the new amount as soon as it is notified from the DD collector (in my current case it’s known it for at least a week), so the data is there, it’s just a matter of updating the corresponding values with that same data across the app.

Another on the list of things to spark joy!

Seems like there’s two things here:

  1. As soon as the value of a direct debit is known it doesn’t pass through to the Transfers tab or Bills Pots. That feels very fixable Indeed. It would spark joy.

  2. The second is two have a better way to account for upcoming bills and expenses. I very much hope that’s coming to Trends as part of the Summary-killer release. :crossed_fingers:


I agree It would make sense for the DD amount to change if the app knows its going to be less.

Although I’m not on that team that deal with the functionality of that end but maybe itll change soon? :eyes:


I feel like we might need to deploy some rules around the use of the eyes emoji :joy:



Not sure what you mean?? :eyes:

All languages are open to interpretation :joy:


For those of us still new to the community, does this mean:

“I will ask the right team to fix it and it will be done in the next few weeks because I actually have superpowers within Monzo”


“It is actually already in the pipeline”


“I’ll mention it to someone who knows someone who knows someone that sits next to someone on the right team”



Oh my. So many meanings. :eyes: (the eyes emoji) can mean…

:eyes: That’s interesting
:eyes: I feel seen
:eyes: That’s a good idea
:eyes: I’ve heard something about this before
:eyes: This feature is on the roadmap
:eyes: This feature isn’t on the roadmap and you’re a lunatic
:eyes: This is being actively worked on
:eyes: We’ll never ever do this
:eyes: We’ve had the same idea
:eyes: This is about to drop :soon:
:eyes: I don’t quite know what to say but this makes me look insightful
:eyes: I’m ramping up expectations
:eyes: It’s actually in testing
:eyes: Emoji typo


And don’t forget the…

:eyes: Hover over the eyes to reveal a hidden link to tap/click on, to get hidden insights into upcoming Monzo features


David! :man_facepalming::rage::joy:

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