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New to Monzo so I’m hoping this question is in the right category. I have been and son currently In Benidorm. I was lucky and had some cash when there so I went and changed at the bureaus and got a decent rate but son only has his Monzo and a lot of bars are not taking it. The ATM’s either at the bank or stand alone machines give a terrible exchange rate when you are withdrawing into Euros. Example , yesterday son got €1 for £1 which is terrible. Is there any way of getting the Monzo exchange rate that you all are aware of or are you always subjected to whatever that ATM or bank ATM is giving you ?
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Monzo do not charge any extra fees other than the MasterCard exchange rate. The best way to withdraw cash (or spend) with Monzo is to reject the exchange rate offered by the ATM or card terminal.

Usually they’ll ask if you want your card charged in sterling or local currency. Sterling will carry the operator’s markup so selecting local currency will usually be cheaper.

Worth noting that some ATM operators will still add on a charge for cash withdrawals regardless of the chosen currency - not every country has free cash withdrawals like we do in the UK.

As above, reject the initial offers from the cash machine and ignore the warnings/sales pitch, you’ll get a better rate from monzo than from the bureau

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He is asking for euros so this isn’t the issue but it’s doing the exchange to their rate without giving you option to change it? Are we doing something wrong to not get the Monzo exchange rate? Yes, there is a charge to use it, maybe 3-5€ but we are not wanting their exchange rate only Monzo which is much better :flushed:

Normally they give you an option to decline the rate they are offering. If not I would find another cash point! Main bank branch machines are normally ok if you can find one

Ok, I’m thinking that I’ve missed something as I tried at their banks ATM when I was there and I still felt I could only get the rate given. I’m going to really be aware when I go again and see if I can work my way around it. I’m in Lanzarote in a few weeks so I will see how I get on there.
Thanks both for the replies, much appreciated :smiling_face:


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