EU Withdrawal Fees

I am going abroad soon and was wondering about the withdrawal fees.

I have a free account and that limits me to withdraw up to £200 per month when aboard, however my wife also has a monzo account so she will also get £200 per month, my question is do we also get £200 on our joint account?

Thanks in advance,



I believe that it is £400 between you.

You can withdraw more, but at a cost. In my experience, it’s best to try to do without cash,if possible.

Ok thanks, Yer that is the plan however half of our holiday we will be in quite a rural place so we are not sure about the quality of the payment infrastructure.

€600 is almost definitely fine €400 is possibly a little low, however I did some more research and even at 3% is probably still the best way for us to get cash abroad.

You could always take a couple of hundred with you. If you get it from the Post Office they’ll buy it back. Their rates aren’t the best, though.

I’ve been to rural areas in the Eurozone and not had any difficulties using a card in recent times (not since the 0.3% interchange rate was mandated). It’s just like the UK in that respect.