🇪🇸 Monzo in Spain [Discussion]

Hi There - has anyone had any trouble using Monzo card at a Spanish petrol stations? We used to use a post office travel card, and that never worked at French petrol stations.
Anyone tried to use their Monzo card?

Hi Hayley,

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the tips about using Monzo in Spain easier to find for other users, I hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Hopefully someone’s tried this before & will let you know, in the meantime, you might find the tips in this Wiki helpful too -

Hi I’ve used this card in Madrid and Segovia! Card working perfectly!! Thanks Monzo

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Slight problem in the canarie islands when I accidentally got stopped for speeding :man_facepalming:
Couldn’t pay the fine, assume the :policeman:’s terminal was offline.
Did have another :credit_card: so all good :blush:

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Currently in Madrid and wanted to share…

I went to use santander to withdraw €100 cash and santander tried to screw me over in 2 ways…

  1. They asked if i wanted to use their exchange rate so instead of withdrawing €100euros I could withdraw 98GBP instead (uhhh nope!)
  2. They then said they’d charge me €5 for using their services. (Absolutely nope!)

I cancelled the transaction because i knew £98 was a terrible exchange rate and was not willing to pay the 5euro charge either.

So then i used a local bank.

  1. They asked if i wanted to use their conversion rate of £95 OR take out the €100euros.
    — i declined their conversion and took 100euros (as recommended by monzo - thanks again Monzo!)
  2. They didnt charge me anything for withdrawing (unlike santanders 5euro charge).

Then monzo messaged me to say I’d withdrawn £89gbp. Yes! I feel lile a winner!! By just walking a few metres up the street I saved myself over £13…

Wanted to share! :wink:


I am going to tenerife and have a new monzo card for this purpose i am wondering is all going o be well and will i have any issues withdrawing here? I intend to put half my spending monies in cash and keep some on my debit card until i see how monzo works then if all is fine will add more money to it

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Used my card in Spain last week and had no issues withdrawing from caxia bank or Telebanco. I was going to be charged €5 to take cash from Santander so I declined. Was able to use my card in supercor there local supermarket and in various restaurants. Just to reiterate make sure you don’t use conversion and choose euros when paying for items or with drawing.


In madrid I’ve used my card to pay for items at shops, restaurants and withdrawn money. All has gone very smoothly and Im so pleased with my card. Just beware santander (see my message above). Have a great trip!


thanks nicca i am a little concerned at the moment about card payments failing which has been highlighted by monzo on my app hope it gets sorted before i fly out as currently feel reluctant to add any more funds to the card considering this.

Used my card in Majorca during a week long holiday at numerous locations, it worked perfectly every time. The app showed my transaction information before I had put the card away. Excellent. Looking forward to the full current account.


Very glad to hear it! I’m heading to Majorca mid-Sept :slight_smile: Going to bring my trusty :monzo: card along with me :smiley:

Should have the current account by the time I get there too, so fingers crossed that it works just as well :wink:


I’m just back from a week in Valencia, where I used my Monzo card exclusively and had no problems anywhere, though I would note I did not encounter contactless whilst there.

I would also second other posters comments about withdrawing in Euros, I used Spanish bank cashpoints withdrawing Euros and paid no charges.

I doubt I will go full Monzo current account but for travel Monzo is the solution if waited years for!

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So far I have withdrawn money in La Caixa and if you don’t accept their conversion rate, you get a pretty sweet deal without any commissions!

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Worked perfectly in Costa Blance near Torrevieja

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Just wanted to update for anyone travelling to Spain, Costa Blanca in particular, that I used Monzo for a 18 day holiday and it was fabulous. Worked everywhere including petrol stations. Wouldn’t travel without it now.


Just used my card in Spain, money left my account instantly then got refunded and my card swallowed! Used this cash point three times successfully this week.

freeze your card in the app and contact customer support go to the bank tomorrow and explain :slight_smile:


hi we be been using my fab Monzo card all week in torrieveija and no probs at all, at ATMs, contactless and with normal chip and pin no problems , sometimes have to use pin when using contactless?? don’t know why but a minor inconvenience anyway .
it’s a great product and have recommended it to friends and family and going get another for my lovely wife when we get home as going to be our main spending card when we get back because the instant reports on the app are a fantastic thing .


I’m heading to Majorca tomorrow :tada::tada::tada: Can’t wait :smiley:

But I thought I’d double check a couple of thing as I’ve only seen a couple of mentions about this island… I’m on the Monzo CA, do I need magstripe enabled in order to use ATMs? (As the CA doesn’t have the ability to enable magstripe? iirc)

And is Majorca a relatively card-friendly place? :slight_smile: Meaning I won’t need to rely on too much backup cash? :slight_smile:

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Found my PO worked in Spain and France. Not tried Monzo out enough to comment, but currently in Ibiza and Munich later in month and hire car needs fuelling in both locations.