Travelling by car through Europe

Hello people how are we all doing? I’ve been a member of monzo for 6 months but only a current account holder for two weeks. I’m new to the forum and never posted. I’m driving over to France, Spain and Portugal in a few weeks and just wanted to see if there’s any advice from anyone with using my monzo card in these countries especially with fuel stations and toll roads etc? I know I should take a second card just incase but the majority of my money will be with monzo. Every bit of advise or information would be gratefully received. Or if you want to just say hello I’m always around thanks :sunglasses:

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Welcome @mobileash :+1:

Search for the topics: Travelling in [country name] for all the info you need.

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I suggest you look at the following posts:

‘Monzo in France’
‘Monzo in Spain’
‘Monzo in Portugal’

They can be found using the search function (the magnifying glass logo that looks like a frying pan) at the top of the page

However if you were planning to withdraw cash from ATMs you would be advised to take a different card such as Starling Bank as Monzo (who are charged about 1% for a European cash withdrawal) will charge you 3% for the privilege

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There is, however, a £200 fee-free allowance per month rolling month, so how much this affects you really depends on how much you’re planning on withdrawing hard currency.

Enjoy your trip :slight_smile:


actually it is per rolling 30 day period not per calendar month