Update emails

Are these still a thing? After seeing Monzo mentioned elsewhere it reminded me that I’d not read through the community properly in a while and also, that I can’t remember receiving any update emails in seemingly an eternity.

I’ve just seen an update posted to the community (Monzo in 2020), but didn’t blog updates also used to get emailed (which is a lot more convenient!) too? Checking my app email prefs (News and updates :ballot_box_with_check: still enabled), and then my emails - nothing. Coincidentally, the last investor email I received was July too.

Are update emails being sent (and the problem is my end)? Or are updates on Monzo only being posted to the community now?

Ive been eagerly awaiting an investor update and the last I heard is :soon:

The only email Ive seen anytime recently was about taking out a loan the Monzo way.