Next Loop Investor email - Q3

The last Loop Investor email arrived 5 July. If the intention was a quarterly email, should we be expecting one imminently? I enjoyed the last one and reading it back again 3 months later, it’s interesting to see how quickly things are moving for Monzo.


Would be great to have more insight about that RBS failed Take over. If that is true :slight_smile:
I suppose we’ll have some interesting numbers regarding how many users we have etc…
But hey, we just need to wait :slight_smile:

As far as I know, there are no update emails for investors at regular intervals.

Most information is out on the forum, as they try to be as transparant is possible. Only received emails when share-related news was available (e.g. new crowdfunding). Perhaps @simonb can tell us more if it will continue this way ?

@Chuits: if you like to follow along with the number, you might like this link:


I too miss the newsletter.

They’re quarterly.

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Thanks for letting me know, Richard!
I should have a look why I didn’t receive these, sounds very interesting!

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Does anyone know how to get these loop emails? I’m an investor from the first round but don’t seem to ever have had one :frowning:

I’ve only had one, hence my post about the next one coming. No sign of it yet.

Same situation here, have already been in touch to tell Monzo.
Probably people that weren’t in the latest batch of investors were not (yet) in the newsletter list.
Will post here if I get some news :slight_smile:

Out of interest, what email address did it come from? Was it an @crowdcube address, or @monzo? That might give a hint on who can add people to the distribution list.

FYI guys, I’ve just had confirmation that the next update will in fact be in December… :+1:t3:


A bit late compared to the quarterly update promised but it’s still better than some other start-ups :slight_smile:

Are they ditching quarterly for annually then? Assuming it arrives in December.

Did you get an update? With less than 2 days left in December it’s looking unlikely :confused:

I mean, Simon did say this:

So I’m hopeful (but I won’t hold my breath).

That’s what I was told when I enquired about it at the time.

But, I agree that it’s now unlikely :slightly_frowning_face:

Particularly since many folks are on holiday. I would imagine this was probably stated somewhere on Slack and I didn’t spot it. Let me see what I can find.


As it turns out, searching for “The Loop” on Slack simply returns millions of messages from people asking to be kept in the loop about various things :joy:

Will chase for an update from folks when they return from their holidays :pray:t3:


Thank you Simon. It’s not ideal that you would end up in the firing line for passing on information that then changes. Whoever is responsible should have their slack emoji rights removed or something more painful.

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There is nothing more painful

You monster