Monzo in 2020: looking back and looking forward

Our CEO, Tom, reflects on what we achieved in 2019 and gives a sneak peek into what we’re working on this year.


This got my interest :eyes:

I look forward to using it and the potential it has for helping lots of people.


Likewise! Since going full Monzo my credit score has taken a nosedive. I hope they will start reporting to the other credit agencys too.


I’ve had quite the opposite, my credit is now far better but there’s so many factors that are taken into account.
You’ve probably had a small dent due to closing a long established account (your previous bank).


Does Monzo only report if you overdraft?

Yeah, I did think that would be the case. It’s just a bit frustrating when companies who only use Experian to do credit checks look at my file and see a bad score / circumstance. My Monzo account currently doesn’t show on there at the moment to be a positive influence as they only report to one agency I believe. It’s not a deal breaker for me though, just a frustration.

No they always report it but only to transunion agency.

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Ah yes, definitely would be useful to have more CRAs reported to.

Touch wood, myself and my partner haven’t had any issues with getting our recent mortgage and car finance, both full Monzo.

One thing I’d definitely do is enrol on the electoral roll, as that has a massive impact for what is a 5 mins registration (if not already that is)!

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What do they report if there is no line of credit?

Thanks for the help and advice. Done everything possible so far to ensure I have a lot of positive influences on my score. Bringing focus back to the article, I think Monzo has come a long way in 2019 and looking forward to the year ahead.

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They report the fact that you have an account and that it is a current account.

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There’s a video

(Thanks to @Sherlock for finding this)


I’ll wait till it comes out on DVD.


Now added to the blog post itself too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Is the soundtrack the premier of Monzo’s sonic brand?


Love the person stifling a massive yawn during the Monzo Open Office at 00:49 ha.




launching a web version of our business account

Could that mean a web version for the personal accounts one day?! :eyes:

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Thank god, that’s my only regret of joining Monzo, you guys (Monzo) also use a horrendous credit reporter like who the hell is credit karma? Urgh.

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Soon aka 2025