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(Alex Sherwood) #1


You can now view an archive of Monzo’s newsletters here (link is from Monzo’s community page) -

For anyone who didn’t receive Monzo’s January Journal / Newsletter by email, you can view it here -

Welcome to the very first Monzo newsletter! Delivered to your inbox the first week of each month, with exclusive updates on shiny new things and exciting developments we’ve been working on!

It’s no secret we’re edging towards launching as a fully fledged bank in the coming months. Here’s an exclusive update on the milestones we’ve hit this month…

What are we working on? The Monzo Weekly Diary
(Naji Esiri) #2

Just as heads up, we’ll be confirming more details on the January Open Office later this week at which point I’ll post the link in here directly :slightly_smiling_face:


For some reason I didn’t get this email. Is there a way i can add myself to the distribution list @Naji?

(Zainab Khan) #5

Hey @Bob! Absolutely - send over a private message to Naji and I, we can add you to the mailing list! There will be a way to signup via the website soon!

(Alex Sherwood) #6

Out of interest, do you have a Hotmail or Outlook email address? Apparently Monzo users who do, won’t have received the email but all other users with active cards should have…if that wasn’t the issue for you, Monzo will look into it.


I have an Outlook account but did get the email so it must depend on what Outlook domain your email address is


No, I’m using a custom domain with Google’s G Suite.


Also didn’t get the email, and also on G Suite.

(Rika Raybould) #10

This may be why I did not receive it. Both G Suite and a regular Google account with a custom domain redirecting in to it.


No mail here… Custom domain on G suite also…

A quick update on community at Monzo
(Naji Esiri) #13

Thanks for the heads up guys, we’ll investigate why G Suite users didn’t receive and should have a fix sorted for the next edition!


I’m gmail and didn’t get it either. I’m not registered via my gsuite address.


I’m Gmail as well and didn’t get it.

(Andrew Schofield) #16

I use gmail, and I did get the email. However it was sent to the email address registered to my Monzo account rather than the +mondo filtered version I used to register interest way back when (the +mondo filtered address received the email notifications about being released etc).


I use G Suite and I did get the email - but it went straight to my spam folder.

(Thomas Horne) #18

Am also a GSuite user and happy to report that the newsletter went straight into my inbox. :slight_smile:

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #19

Weirdly, I did receive the newsletter using G Suite…


I’ve got just the poor man’s gmail and I got it just fine thanks. B

(Alex Sherwood) #21

You can now subscribe to the Monzo newsletter at the bottom of this page -

(Alex Sherwood) #22

The February edition of the Monzo Journal has just been sent out :tada: if you didn’t receive an email, you can view it here -

And sign up to receive it at the bottom of this page -