Day Early Pending Not Showing

I’m paid by BACS and to date I’ve ALWAYS had the notification before 12pm to receive the money after 4pm but today it’s not showing at all. I’m due to be paid 28th officially with work however I’ve noticed some issues with this feature, is this still ongoing?

Have you checked with your employer?
Worth checking nothing has gone wrong on their end, it’s also possible that they’re not paying you via BACS this month - whenever my pay had temporarily changed due to bonuses etc. I’ve always been paid via Faster Payments for example.

Thanks for the reply…
If it’s not in by tomorrow I will definitely check with my employer - it’s always been so reliable that’s why I am a bit concerned. On my payslip it does say payment by BACS - I’m not sure if they can still use faster payment even though it states otherwise.

Seen a few twitter posts from Monzo that there has been some issues regarding this - just wondering if it’s been rectified or so.

There were some delayed bank transfers a couple of days ago, but nothing showing for today, so your best bet (as you say) is to hold fire and see what happens.

Yeah looks like this is the logical option for now thanks.

This is happening to me too, its not there

I’m thinking it’s a Monzo issue then. Never happened before. Just hope it goes in tomorrow before it becomes problematic.

I wouldn’t trust that. I’ve had it say BACS, even so faster payments was used for years for the transfer.

Oh really. Nothing is reliable lol

It’s working perfectly fine for me I have never had an issue with it either

My carers allowance was displaying for Monday and got paid early on Friday

Child benefit due in tomorrow got paid today after 4pm

Yeah I’ve always been on time with it too. I know there has been some recent issues with it as it’s not just myself it’s affecting. Thanks for letting me know it’s working for some.

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