Upcoming payment from work differ to wageslip

I have an upcoming payment showing for my wages, they are due to go in on Monday but its showing to be available at 4pm. However, what i have been told im getting paid from work differs to what is showing on my account. Is the paid early feature accurate or does it generalise what normally comes in? I hope this makes sense

What the pay-early shows is what you will be paid.

Thanks for your reply, im unhappy about it as its £200+ short from what it should be. I dont understand whats gone wrong at all

It’s nothing to do with Monzo. They are just showing you what’s coming from your employer.

You need to speak to your employer and find out why the figure is different to what you expected.

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It’s very unlikely (but still possible if it’s a bonus or something) that part of the payment will come in as a Faster Payment on the day payment is due. Or as a second BACS, later. Happened to me before

But yes, best to contact the employer


And as above, your employer won’t be expecting you to see this payment today.

So they might think that you’ll get your normal salary on Monday and a faster payment of the difference.

Might be best to wait until Monday before chasing.

Yes ill wait until Monday morning. Something isnt right. But wait and see what happens Monday. Thanks for your help guys

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