Getting paid early (can’t see pending payment)

I usually have the option to get paid a day early, being paid by BACS.

I got paid early in November and December, and could see my pending transaction the morning I was due to be paid (20th).

It’s the 19th so I should be able to see my pending salary payment but can’t. Has anyone else had this issue? I’m scared I’m not going to be paid at all :joy:

The notification should arrive the working day before pay day, so it wouldn’t arrive today. If payday is tomorrow, you should have seen it on Friday.

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Yes if payment is due in a Friday you should get a notification and be able to see the payment greyed out in the app. After 4pm you should get the option with in the app to get payed early.

If you could see your previous pay a day early on Friday the 20th of December, it sounds like your payday might actually have been the 21st, 22nd, or 23rd (basically, at some point over the weekend).

So, if you’re due to actually be paid on any of those dates, it’ll show as available to collect in your Monzo app from 4pm the working day before :blush: hopefully that’s tomorrow for you, but it also could be Tuesday or Wednesday. Maybe check in with your employer to see what date payday is this month?


I get paid Monday (20th). I was able to get it Friday (17th) after 4pm.

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Thank you. My pay date is definitely the 20th (as it is every month). In previous months i have always seen the pending payment greyed out the day before but I can’t see it this month. Very strange!

I guess I will have to wait and see tomorrow if I get paid :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I don’t think it will be an employer issue, the NHS always pay on time.

I meant I could see it the day before I was due to be paid (20th) so I saw it and got paid on the 19th :blush:

Strange, definitely something wrong there. I haven’t changed employers and I have got paid early in previous months and could view the transaction. Thank you :blush: will wait until the morning!

Thank you. I always see it before, not sure why this time is different! Shall see if I get paid tomorrow :blush:

Your trust has a fixed pay date?

Mine is 2 working days before the last working day of the month. Pain in the ass really

Yeah mine does (SWAST) 20th of every month :slight_smile:

Yup mine too (East Suffolk North Essex Foundation Trust). The 26th every month (unless weekend and then its the Friday!)

I know this is an old thread but wondering if you’re still seeing this? I too had been seeing the transaction pending and received the notification October. November and December but January and this month haven’t received it. Just woken up the morning I get paid to it being received and in my bank, normal time.

edit found a way to check if BACS was used or not. Turns out my employer seems to have changed to use faster payments rather than BACS :frowning: was nice to get paid early for 3 months I guess :smiley:

Just wondering what the outcome of this story was since history seems to be repeating itself :joy::joy: Supposed to be paid tomorrow from work but was not able to see any notification of a payment today. Any other time has always been the day prior.


have you tried the usual delete and re install the app ?

I’ve even spoke with Monzo live chat who can’t see anything neither.

I was ment to get paid tomorrow, I could see the grey feed on Saturday. At 4pm today I already cashed out

It seems to be working for some folk. I’ll need to wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Mine was an issue with my employer not processing my pay, not Monzo. Every month since I’ve been able to see the transaction the day before and get paid early. Even if my pay date is a Sunday I can get paid Thursday. Hope you figure it out!

Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Appreciate it.

No probs!