Upcoming maintenance on the current account

Just received a text notification about some weekend downtime


"Between approximately 11am and 6pm tomorrow (Saturday August 19th), you’ll be unable to send bank transfers to other people and incoming transfers will be delayed until after 6pm.

We will keep this message up to date throughout and update it as soon as bank transfers are working again.

We hope this doesn’t cause too much inconvenience — thank you for all you’ve done helping us test the Current Account Preview so far!"


I’m just wondering in the future when Monzo launches the current account, will this be a regular thing or will Monzo have a way of doing maintance without taking systems offline?

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The problem with money is keeping the ledger up to date and it is often much easier to just stop things while you fix stuff rather than worrying about money arriving and not being credited to peoples accounts.
I’d imagine they will sort something out in the future but hey, at least they let us know! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for putting this up here - my card just arrived this morning so I haven’t been looking at maintenance pages and was contemplating transferring some money. I guess I may have worried a bit when it didn’t arrive on time with no explanation.

I’ll wait until this evening then.

You should be able to transfer it now! The maintainence is on one of our Suppliers systems tomorrow between 11am and 6pm :slight_smile:


Argh! It’s Friday!

Where’s that embarrassed emoji…

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I’m signed up for the alerts but got nothing…

There’s two alerts - mondo and monzo for prepaid and current?

This is an alpha, regular maintenance is expected. This isn’t a finished product.

I know, my question was relating to when the current account has launched.

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Yes there is because the current accounts have their own Status page, to keep the notifications separate.

Obviously once everyone’s switched from the prepaid cards to the current accounts, we’ll just have the one page again.

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Something I noticed on the status page is while the outage is tomorrow the page is referencing a major outage as taking place now. Quite confusing.


I’ve raised this internally, to display it in the app, this has to be a Major Outage sadly. It’s something we’re looking into for the future :+1:


I was my understanding that with the current account all systems and processing was done in-house.

Im interested to know more about the supplier, what they are still providing and if it is a temporary arrangement for the current account preview.


What suppliers? I don’t see one mentioned in this thread?

Here’s where the supplier was mentioned.

Thanks. I must have had a blind spot.

Am also interested in where/who the supplier is in relation to Monzo’s infrastructure. Will this be commonplace after launch? Things looked like there was redundancy built in when I saw some presentations.

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