An Apology from Monzo


I’m loving the communication from :monzo: on this. Even though it’s not their fault they are always keen to be transparent and open about the issues they have been having. No shirking, no hiding, no bluster, and no spin.

Conversely, my legacy bank would probably charge me for the privilege of being sent an email!

Thank you @tom and the team. :+1:


Great to see the CA still working during the downtime on prepaid. Must admit I’ve not had any issues as yet.


Paraphrasing @tom “I’m sorry we’re currently using this shit service. Can’t wait to get you onto our quality tech”.


Perfect timing. I\m not a regular on the community, but i do use my card every day, and was starting to get exasperated about the failures recently. I also completely agree with the sentiment from @anon4562461 !


Or to put it another way … unless you go for one of our current accounts (which I do NOT want) the processing service will continue to be flaky at best?

Why don’t you want a current account? You can use it in exactly the same way you currently use the pre-paid card?!


I’m afraid you won’t have a choice either, Monzo will be switching all users to the current accounts. But as Ben says, there should be no reason why you can’t use the current accounts for all of the things that you currently do with the prepaid cards.


I don’t really understand why people wouldn’t either - just use it exaaaaaactly the same as you do now. No difference.


You’ll be able to use the CA in exactly the same way you use the Prepaid now. You don’t HAVE to put your salary in it, you don’t HAVE to set up Direct Debits on it. Just continue using it as you do currently…


Thanks for the update. I promised someone I’d use my Starling card for a few days and give some feedback, this seems like the perfect time.

Hi, I’ve subscribed for sms notifications on Monzo’s The subscription small print states:

“Message and data rates may apply. Go to for terms and conditions.”

When I follow the link I’m being redirected to some general T&C that have no mention of this.

So my question is: am I being charged for subscribing to the status updates by Monzo?

no…by your mobile phone provider

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If you don’t get charged for receiving text messages then you won’t be charged for these messages.

I’m not sure if some old tariffs still charge to received text messages when abroad?


Text messages can be chargable on some tarriffs particularly when a prepaid account rather than pay monthly or when roaming outside EU, onboard a ferry or in a Crown Dependancy. But it all depends on your mobile supplier and tarriff so there is no hard and fast rule. You would be advised to check your supplier’s website or contact their customer service as they can give an answer tailored to your particular account

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Might be worth mentioning that nobody will be under any obligation to move to the current account, but all prepaid accounts will be closed by (approx) the end of the year. So if you want to stick with Monzo, you will have to upgrade to the current account.


Yeah, what downtime? whistles nonchalantly

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Everyone was informed last year that the pre-paid card was only a temporary thing. The current account has always been the end game.

Personally I think once the current account is fully rolled out Monzo should invite their current payment provider to use Monzo systems instead (for a fee), far more stable.

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I’m really happy with this response! It’s a nice touch to get a simple email taking ownership of the issue by apologising and confirming that the in house processing will happen for current accounts. :grin:


Has already happened (just me being pedantic) and the current accounts haven’t suffered any of the previous downtime so it is working very well so far.

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