Bank Transfers not working

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Can I ask because I haven’t seen a response on this yet but there have been a few ocassions where the Current Account has come up saying that “Bank Transfers are not working at this time”.

Does Monzo know the reason behind this? What’s been done to mitigate this happening in the future?

I have to say I’m not feeling the Monzo love as much on the beta of the CA. We’re not the status pages, we don’t seem to get updates after problems have been resolved or occurring. I certainly hope it’s not a sign of the bank changing as it gets bigger. I totally get that there is a lot of work going behind it but sometimes it is the little things that count.


Hi James,

Can’t say I’ve had any issues myself but there is a status page linked below if you’d like to sign up to text alerts.

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I am actually signed up to text alerts but I didn’t get one about the bank transfers!

Actually having looked back the page you’ve linked to goes to a different status page than! No wonder I’ve not been seeing things go down!


Yes, I think the link you have been using is for prepaid, whereas the one I sent is for current accounts.

Current account:

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I was wondering this too :frowning: would be interested to find out why it happened and what they are doing to prevent it from happening again. I have full faith in Monzo that they are doing everything they can do prevent it happen in the future.

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I have faith they are doing everything they can to ensure it won’t happen again. I’d just like to know haha

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To be honest I’m a bit surprised this is the worst we’ve encountered so far, given how new everything is.

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Ditto. Will be interesting to know what failed once they’ve got everything up and running again :slight_smile:

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I have managed to transfer money into my account for a test, not been able to transfer it back as I can find how to do that on the App. I go to spending and all the App wants to do is sign up all friends who have Monzo which is not what I want to do. Cannot seem to get past this … any answers gratefully received. Thanks

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Payments -> Send via Bank Transfer ?

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