Upcoming direct debits /credits


My app usually tells me what my direct debits and credits (such as wages) are 24 hours in advance. I know I have both credits and debits due tomorrow, which normally show in the app at 9am on a Thursday morning, yet there is nothing showing today at all :thinking:

Has this feature been withdrawn?


I think there are some issues with it. Mine aren’t showing either, nor is my salary which is due in tomorrow.

Mine didn’t show til late afternoon on Tuesday

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What version of the app/layout are you using: (1) iOS, (2) Android standard view or (3) Android new ‘Labs enabled’ nav?

I’m on (3) and I know something is due to be paid tomorrow but it isn’t showing in the feed. But if I go to Summary and look at the committed spending, I can tap on a category which is showing a £value is upcoming and it lists the upcoming transactions - including the one I know is due tomorrow.

So the source of the account feed knowing something is going to happen in the future is either Summary (planned outgoings) or a BACS transfers (incoming) and it seems the link from Summary to the account feed isn’t working anymore*

*complete guesswork following a half-hearted investigation

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These are now showing for me!

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Mine have now appeared :+1:t3:

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Same thing happened a week last Tuesday i thknk 3rd July for incoming credits etc for the Wednesday

Upcoming DD’s appeared in my feed yesterday after updating to Android version 2.56.0 :smile:

Mine was late appearing too, It did appear eventually though.

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