See Pending Direct Debits

(Chris) #1

Hi - any chance we’ll be able to see pending transactions (eg direct debits) the day before they are due to debit the account?


I think this might be coming with the Summary functionality on Monzo Labs

(MikeF) #3

I think there might be a difference between the ‘Committed Spend’ area of the Summary tab which covers an entire month and the ‘due tomorrow’ type of display that other banks do. We know Monzo are offering the former but I haven’t heard anything about the latter.


They’ve certainly been playing with it. For a while I was seeing “due tomorrow” direct debits in the committed spend section.

As you say, nothing concrete but it’d make sense (to me at least) to update the committed spend with actual values when they’re known.

(MikeF) #5

Agreed on that front. I was thinking that an update to a value (from planned to real) in there alone may be overlooked so something additional to tell you that £XX was going to be taken tomorrow would also be useful.


Agreed. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one gets solved. It could be quite noisy (from a notification) to transparent but evolving the app (being able to go forward in time on the main feed?)

In reality, it’ll have to be situationally aware: alerts (like there are already) for those that might not have enough money / would go into their overdraft and another solution for the merely interested…

As in say, interested in seeing where this takes us.


Love it. Great idea. Seeing all due direct debits would be very in a scheduled payment tab too