Standing orders / scheduled payments in feed

How come standing orders / scheduled payments don’t show up in the feed when coming up (ie tomorrow, or 3 days if over the weekend). It would be nice to see them there.


They do, or at least should do, along with incoming payments. They should display as “Tomorrow” and be greyed out. Are you running an older app version?

I am on ios and my scheduled transfers/ standing order payments also dont show up in the feed either :thinking:

I agree they should, but they are not (Android, latest version). For example I have a weekly standing order from our joint account to another account, it goes every Friday and its not showing up in the feed as Tomorrow, other things are there, but that is not.

Do they show up in the ‘Scheduled Payments’ section as tomorrow?

Direct debits show up as do some incoming payments (BACS I believe). I don’t think Standing Orders or other incoming payment types are supported there yet.


I can see it in scheduled payments as “weekly on fridays”. I can also see it as upcoming under the committed spending category, but its NOT in the main home feed.

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I think the comment from @MikeF above is accurate. I’ve not noticed anything missing on mine as of yet - but I’ll keep an eye out.

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Technically this is as an outgoing … I’d love to see it pending on the incoming side as well, but its not even showing as pending outgoing

Yes. That’s because it isn’t supported yet, as I said above.

Planned pot transfers are another one that would be nice to see.

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My Tomorrow list currently shows a BACS inward payment and a scheduled pot transfer, don’t know if the pot transfer showing up is a new thing…

Hmmm. I can’t remember now. I’ll need to try one.

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Is anyone seeing upcoming standing orders in their feed? I have lots coming out tomorrow but none are showing in the feed. Direct debits show but not SO. Im using :android:

My DDs normally show up greyed out, way before my SOs. I would expect my SOs to appear later this evening tbh.

Normal activity. In my app anyway.

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My SOs normally show greyed out about similar time to DDs or shortly after but not many hours. Must be a delay in those payments showing.

I was even questioning whether there was 31 days in this month :upside_down_face:

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