Upcoming Direct Debit shows “Paid from Bills Pot” when no bills pot exists

Issue: as title, a few upcoming direct debits say they will be paid from a bills pot, when I no longer have such a pot in place.

Not the biggest issue in the world but I’d expect the trigger that tells the feed item to say which pot it comes from would recognise the existence of that pot.

This has occurred on every DD that shows in the feed since I deleted my Bills pot.

Details to reproduce: Have bills come out of a specific pot; delete that pot. Next direct debit will say “Paid from bills pot” when it won’t be.

OS: iOS 14
Device: iPhone 11 Pro Max
App Version: 3.50.0


I’ve had that. Don’t think it rectifies itself unless you cancel the DD and reinstate it. As the pot works as a transfer into the Current Account prior to collection, it doesn’t stop it debiting

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