Direct debit configured to pay from bills pot

Today I had 2 direct debits go out. Both are configured try pay out from a pot for bills. One of them successfully reimbursed the account from the pot. The other didn’t. There is plenty of money in the pot. The direct debit that didn’t reimburse did work last month.

The account is a joint account. I use the salary sweeper function to fill the bills pot.

Details to reproduce:
Not sure. This is the only time I’ve ever observed this
iOS 17.3.1
App Version:
Screenshot 1 is a picture of the feed with a payment of £110 to Wandsworth Council with the money coming from the bills pot, but a payment of £49 to community fibre not coming from bills.

Screenshot 2 is the direct debit to community fibre from the recurring payments screen showing it is set to use the bills pot.

Screenshot 3 is the bills pot with more than enough to cover the direct debit.

This screenshot seems to show the transaction taking place in the future at 6:21pm today? :eyes:

It says predicted as well? I don’t think it’s happened yet.

It’s now the next day and it is definitely down as having happened yesterday, no reimbursement from bills

So, the predicted screenshot is based on the recurring payments screen. But you can see the payment has actually happened. It looks like Monzo have incorrectly guessed what day the direct debit will be taken. If I had to guess, perhaps this caused it to fail to match it up with the prediction and therefore it wasn’t taken it from my bills pot?