Deleted bill pot still appearing in scheduled transactions

I was paying all my direct debits out of a bills pot. Then when I deleted the bills pot and check my scheduled transactions, they still show that they’ll be coming out of my bills pot.

I’ve left it a month since I deleted the pot for the new transactions to hopefully register as normal, however its still appearing the same.

you need to go onto the individual DD or SO and deselect the payment to be paid from the deleted pot


Yeah so I can get rid of it if I create a new pot for bills, then select the new pot and press ok, then deselect the new pot again.

But I can’t deselect the deleted pot (that’s the bug I’m trying to describe). Deleting the pot should by default remove it as a selection also (another bug).

just create a new pot then you will get the option to select the new pot and unselect it again to get the deleted pot removed

Yeah that’s what I did. I was just reporting it as a bug as it’s not expected behaviour :blush:

Could this be the same issue? Pot Persistence After Deletion. It already has 2 votes :blush:

ohk that’s good, i had a similar problem a few months back and had to do the same thing to remove it