Unusably slow UI problems on iOS


Very slow and laggy UI for past few weeks. It had got a little slow around the end of December but was still usable until the last few days.

Details to reproduce:

Open the app, switch accounts by swiping, choose a transaction, or try to scroll through the transaction list. The UI continually freezes.

It appears that the UI thread is blocked by web requests, or something else, as the UI becomes entirely unresponsive for a few seconds. Every so often it recovers for a few seconds, then gets stuck again.

I initially thought that the problem was due to one of the new labs features such as the new home summary or the mortgage accounts view which I had turned on, but I’ve since disabled all the of the lab features and restarted the app and it’s made no difference. It’s presently unusably slow, so is likely to stop me using Monzo until I manage to fix the problem.

I’m a software developer myself and happy to help try to debug the problem if it helps.


IOS 16.2


IPhone 11

App Version:

5.6.0 (issue was present on 5.5.0 too)


Screenshots don’t really help as the problem is just the UI updating very slowly on almost every view.

I’ve just tried removing and reinstalling the app, and it’s a lot better. Strangely, this also updated the styles a bit - I hadn’t seen the styling updates previously.

I tried enabling the new summary screen again, and it hasn’t made much difference to the performance. UI (although not snappy or instantaneous) is perfectly usable again.

I will provide updates if I find out any more.

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