Unlocking app without Face ID?

Hi everyone!
Hoping someone can help with this. I have to wear a face mask for work and this has now meant I can’t unlock my app because Monzo doesn’t present with any other option other than Face ID?!

Any ideas on this??

A few options I think -

  1. you can turn Face ID to unlock off - disabling the feature all together.

  2. In FaceID settings in iOS you can “set up an alternate appearance” - you could rescan with your mask and this should work.

It might be possible, but not sure, to turn off iOS Face ID generally, and have Monzo require a pin to authenticate? But I have a feeling that option doesn’t work.

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That’s a shame - I’m not happy to change my security settings.

Apple allow you to enter your passcode when FaceID isn’t possible - I don’t see why monzo aren’t presenting me with an option to unlock via an alternate method?

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Do you not have a lock on your phone itself?

I don’t see why that’s relevant. If I want to lock both the app and the phone, then that’s fine.

I am just wondering why monzo’s app security feature is different from literally every other app. In the event Face ID is not possible, it would normally prompt for your passcode. I wouldn’t even mind if it prompted for your card PIN!

There was this blog post (and subsequent community forum) about the topic which covers it:

I think one of the problems they were battling with PIN lock was that it needed to be different from the Card PIN, and they cannot store the card PIN in app.

So either they need to verify with the server you’ve entered your PIN correctly (and therefore can’t use offline), or otherwise verify that your entered PIN is not the same as your card PIN, which I guess requires the same problem.

(Or otherwise have some other solution that requires a non-standard PIN entered, like a 6 digit or emoji PIN per the blog).

So I guess with the arrival of Face and Touch ID, it was left in favour of those things.

Ultimately it leaves the option of “2nd face ID with a mask on” as your best solution, I suppose. Why others do allow a PIN I don’t know…

In Monzo’s defence, WhatsApp does exactly the same thing

Interesting, mine presents with passcode as does all other FaceID locked apps.

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Wow, now I’m baffled.

My Whatsapp is the latest version on the latest version of iOS on an iPhone XR and it if you don’t FaceID then you can’t get in

Might be an OS setting?

Not that I can see, trawled through all the phone and app settings before to try and get it to allow either and never found a setting.


I have never seen this screen before.i always get an option to use my passcode is Face ID is not available.

Get it to fail the Face ID. Does it show then?

Guess I’m just a wizard :rofl:

That was after the fail unfortunately

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I’ve just tried it on my WhatsApp - I switched on Face ID for if cos I don’t usually use it on WhatsApp.

I had to get Face ID to fail twice before it reverted to passcode.

If I choose cancel instead of passcode at that point, I get the screen @Addzy sees.

Oh Yh, Fail twice and then you can do the passcode.

Admittedly never got that far because it’s rare it fails at all let alone twice. But thanks for that. Good to know

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That’s a WhatsApp setting you’ve got turned on. WhatsApp > Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen Lock. You’ll see the toggle for it in there.

I wish that worked - but it detects you’re wearing a mask and says FaceID won’t work with a mask / face covering.

In iOS 13.5 it’s slightly better because it immediately notices you’re wearing a mask and presents the passcode option - however it seems it works well on the lock screen but it’s a bit hit and miss in other apps.


Oh I know you turn it on an off altogether in the settings you pointed out, it’s off by default and you have to turn it on.

I was pointing out what I thought was the same problem the op was having with Monzo except it’s not as WhatsApp asks for Pin eventually just not straight away

Ah sorry. I notice that with the Starling app as well. It seems to be a preference the apps themselves set up because I see some apps ask for Face ID but have the option to enter password available as well.

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