App login issues and no reply on the chat

The monzo app is no longer asking for my passcode to access the app and just opens up the account without it which is a real security issue for me. The chat is not being helpful and the staff are just copy and pasting unrelevant information and have now said they will get someone to help me and be back in touch but not said how or when abouts that will be?!

Hi. Welcome.

Open the app, in the overview (where you can see your account and pots in a vertical list), tap the cog in the top right.

Privacy & Security > Require Face ID for unlock - Tick

(Wording might be slightly different for Android)

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Hi Revels, thanks for the quick response. My issue there is I have the latest iPhone which doesn’t allow that function. So I would just like to use the passcode. Any other ideas please?

It should be there in the same area I would have thought, does it not say Touch ID instead of Face ID?

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Ah I see. The only option is for Touch ID for authentication and unlocking and if I tick that I can just forgo the touch and put my code in. Thats the answer thank you.

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That’s it. It will revert to pin if the others fail.

Which is only a fairly recent addition, but is good when obscuring half your face!

Thanks again. The other issue is I would like to change the passcode for this (not my pin code but the app passcode). Any ideas please?

The pin code that you get into the app with is your default Apple pin (I’m 99% sure on that), which you can’t set differently per-app, the pin you use to authenticate a new payee/payment etc is the pin you’d use in a cash machine with your Monzo card.

(99% sure)


Ok not ideal for me but I appreciate the quick help on this.

Have a great day!