[Poll] Help us make a decision on PIN unlocking! ✍️

Hello! We’d like to pick your collective brain, if that’s ok :brain:

One of the items on our making Monzo better list is a PIN lock for the app for extra privacy:


But there’s problems with using a PIN to unlock the app. And it means we’ll have to make a compromise somewhere.

Option one: using the same PIN as your Monzo card

The problem here is that we can’t store your PIN anywhere on your device, so checking that you’ve entered the correct PIN would involve having to check with our servers. As a consequence, you wouldn’t be able to unlock the app offline.

Option two: using a different PIN

We could make you create a new PIN in some way - perhaps by making the PIN unlock code six characters, rather than four. But making people have to remember another code isn’t ideal. And it’s all too tempting just to keep your same PIN anyway and add something extra on the end, eg. xxxx00

Option three: something else

There’s also the possibility that we could approach the problem in an entirely different way, of course. Could your unlock code be a series of emojis that only you knew? Or, could it be a selection of colours? We’re open to new ideas too!

We’re leaning towards option two.

But we want to know what you think.

So, vote below and let us know what you think! We’re not committing to the outcome of this poll, but we’ll use it to help steer our thinking on this tricky issue :thinking:

  • Same PIN. But no offline access
  • Offline access. But a longer, different PIN.
  • Alternative PIN option

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Oh boy, it sounds like this is going to cause issues for users that enable it.


Would Touch ID/Face ID be alternative (Option 3) or in place of a PIN (Option 2)?


I think the idea is that this will be a feature that users can choose to switch on or not - “for extra privacy”. If you don’t give your phone to others while it’s unlocked, there’s no need for it.


It should be same as card imo, my Dad for example often locks his iPhone by putting his capital one app pin in, instead of his phone, and his card pin he’s forgot endless few times. Ha

Although if you are letting app to be locked by pin, will chat be reachable from lock screen for causes of forgetfulness/emergencies?

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I’d happily have it turned on. All my other banking apps use Face ID even if my phone is unlocked.

So it still stands: is this an alternative or would, like other apps, it be a PIN and then you can use Face ID instead of a PIN if you choose to.

Edit: actually I don’t get it now I think about it. Right now it can be locked with Face ID so what extra lock would it be?

For those whose phones do not have fingerprint or face capability. Or people who cannot use fingerprint for various reasons


Not having it available offline would cause lots of problems that would require an even greater headache to fix it tbh, but adding an additional pin to remember would really confuse me too. It’s why I often take a few tries between being asked for my password, passcode, and PIN on the Starling app. Often mix up the three!

I’m glad it’s not compulsory anyway- a good fallback for people who don’t use Touch ID and want more privacy, but I won’t ever see myself using it.


Ignore me then!

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Just to echo @evangelskies that I get confused when using the Starling app as there’s a different PIN/password depending on what you’re doing. I often have to look it up which makes the whole thing a hassle. Not that I’m going to use this feature as don’t see the point. :smile:


Option 2 is great. :slightly_smiling_face:

To be fair, it feels like Monzo tries to reinvent things that already have a certain standard. I know it might take more time to implement, but the most suitable approach would be to mirror standard options for unlocking phone (at least on android they are standard, I’m clueless about iphone). Users should be allowed to use either of them because you won’t be able to find ONE unlock option that suits all. User who wants to add privacy layer to the app, will choose from pattern/pin/password based on their preference.

And, ekhem, I don’t want to curb emoji enthusiasm, I totally love them, but emoji unlock idea is a bit nuts. :expressionless:

I’m glad that Monzo worries about repeated PINs and general reuse for passwords, but ekhem, I can bet my pinky finger that a good bunch of people is using PIN that’s their own, their wife’s/husband’s/kid’s year of birth. It’s a risk, but going for emojis instead is not the way.

On top of that, if privacy setting/option can be removed by reinstalling the app, then it’s not worth the hassle in the first place. Pattern/pin/else has to be stored server-side against the account (and reinstalling the app requires internet connection anyway, so does logging in).

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There’s actually a PIN (for card), a passcode (if you don’t enable Touch ID) and a password. I didn’t know I had a password. Idk what it protects. It made reordering my card a panicked affair. Thought I would be blocked from my account!

Also echoing @Avishai’s sentiments, I love emoji, but I’m never going to remember an emoji password. It’s going to be all four of the same emoji and you can bet it’s going to be four :poop: or :eggplant: for most people because we’re childish like that.


If this is an optional feature then number 2 makes sense. Anyone who wants to activate another layer of privacy/security would probably love another password to remember. :heart_eyes:


Omg you’ve cracked the case. That’s actually so true


:shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food::shallow_pan_of_food: :bat: :man:t2:

(That’s dinner by the way)

I like the emoji idea. But I won’t be using it so :woman_shrugging:

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Is it possible for the Monzo app lock to just use the phone’s passcode? That way it’s not another one to remember, and Monzo don’t have to deal with setting it resetting it.


Shouldn’t you have gone with :older_woman:t2:?



In Microsoft Outlook.com ios app, if you cannot use your fingerprint, the app will ask you to use phone passcode to unlock app.


Or :joy_cat::heart_eyes_cat::smirk_cat::pizza::pizza::pineapple:


I think TouchID and FaceID are the future so I am not sure if need one more PIN to remember. :slight_smile: