Unfortunately we can’t offer you a monzo account

Hey monzo I have been denied an account in less than 10 seconds even though I’m pretty sure everything is right?

This is a forum full of customers, for whatever reason you’ve not passed the checks. Best off just applying elsewhere as nothing is really going to change that outcome.


The thing is it doesn’t even let me apply again. It says to close the app that’s it

Monzo have decided they don’t want to offer you an account. Nothing will change that, so you can’t reapply.

Time to choose another bank.

Can you please suggest me another bank

Starling Bank if you want an app based account

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Well that’s the point they’re not giving you an account so it doesn’t need to let you back to the apply screen. That decision ain’t changing.

You can go Starling, another app based bank, any other bank on high street. Use Google I’m sure that just might hold details of all the available banks along with pros and cons

  • Virgin Money has a great app and telephone service
  • Starling have a great app (not sure about their service)
  • Lloyds have a great app and telephone service
  • RBS have a great app and telephone service
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We’re sorry to hear that we couldn’t open an account for you :pensive:

We’ll assess all applications based on the information you give us when signing up. If you’d like to find out more about how we make decisions on accounts at Monzo, please take a look at our Privacy Notice. You can find it in our app, or on our website: Monzo – Customer Privacy Notice

We wouldn’t be able to look into this over the Community due to security reasons, but you can send our team an email if you think this was a mistake at review@monzo.com. But they wouldn’t be able to give you anymore information about why your application was rejected.


In 10 seconds? Did you enter anything incorrectly as if it’s that quick the system probably declined you

Nope I’m 99% sure I put put all the information correct but at the video part instead of my name Muhammad Ben hammedi it only said Muhammad hammedi
So when I was recording I said Muhammad Ben hammedi

I believe that, that is unfair!

Doesn’t really matter though what you think. If you’ve entered your details correctly and they said no then move on.

If you think you entered something incorrectly then email them like they’ve said to do so and see if it was something incorrect that you input.

There’s still no guarantee the decision will change, sorry but that’s just life.